• How to stream on PlayStation 5?

    PlayStation 5 offers users the ability to stream directly to YouTube and Twitch. How to start and set up streaming? Here are our instructions!
  • The best games for Nintendo – ranking!

    Nintendo Switch is a portable console that many gamers around the world have come to love because of its compactness and capabilities. Are you looking for the best games to spend every free evening with? Check out the following ranking of titles worth recommending. What is the Nintendo Switch? Switch is a portable gaming console by Nintendo. This console definitely stands out among other devices of its kind. It consists primarily of the console itself and the controllers plugged into it. It is also equipped with a special docking station. Thanks to this element, the console can be used both […]
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    TVs available on the market are increasingly interesting proposals that can surprise with their capabilities. As a result, many people, including console game lovers, are wondering – is an 8K TV the right choice? We suggest. What are 8K TVs? Will they work well for consoles? When it comes to TVs, there are a number of parameters. One of them is resolution, which informs the user about the number of pixels that make up the image displayed on the TV. A pixel, in turn, is called the smallest part of the image, containing a particular detail or color. The higher […]