Mechanical or membrane keyboard. Which one to choose?

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The selection of gaming keyboards on the market is huge. It is not easy to decide which model to buy. Before we delve into the maze of rankings and reviews, let’s learn about their construction and mechanism.

Basic differences between mechanical and membrane keyboards

The fundamental difference comes from the way gaming keyboards are built and the height of their stroke, which affects the quality of use. Depending on the technology used and the hardness of the keys, millisecond delays occur when pressing them. They are decisive for winning the games, which require fast reaction times. Therefore, your choice of keyboard should be determined by how you use it

To find out, whether we care about mechanical keyboard, or membrane one is enough, it is best to go to the store. Evaluating the comfort of using it by pressing the keys will be a test that will make the decision easier. So don’t just go by the price or YouTube reviews. Let’s make a decision based on our own – subjective – experience.

Membrane Keyboard. Overnight gaming won’t get the family back on its feet

The design of a membrane keyboard allows it to work quietly. The downside is less precision and durability. The stroke of the keys is much greater than that of a mechanical keyboard. Therefore, activation of the keys requires more pressure. The quality of this solution is reflected in lower price of membrane keyboards models. That’s why we usually see them on gamers’ desks.

The functionality of membrane keyboards will benefit first of all novice users. They will appreciate precise and balanced keys ensuring smooth typing. Statistically, membrane keyboards are of lower quality in comparison with mechanical keyboards. However, advanced models, such as Logitech G213 PRODIGY offering the highest level of construction, are available. Deciding to buy such a keyboard, we will certainly be satisfied with its quality

Mechanical keyboard. Switches, pitch and sound

A mechanical keyboard has a more durable mechanism and definitely higher key travel. The positive experience of playing on such a keyboard is appreciated by more and more players. The price we pay for the pleasure of using such a keyboard will not only be a higher expense in the store. We also have to reckon with the noise it generates when pressing the keys. The sounds produced by such a keyboard can be annoying to the rest of the household, who may find it hard to accept its loud operation

When buying a mechanical keyboard, pay attention to the switches used. Logitech and Razer use switches of their own production, but popular switches made by Cherry XM can be found in many keyboard models. Kailh switches are of comparable quality. In cheaper models we can find parts made by Outem or Gateron, but their quality is significantly lower

The main difference between the switches is the pressure needed to activate the key and the keyboard volume. The lower the activation threshold, the more sensitive the keyboard is and the faster it can register the action. Therefore, a lower threshold means more speed and thus better application for gaming

Switches that require more pressure help avoid accidental presses. Switches with a clearly perceptible moment of button activation will definitely be better for typing than long games. Silent switches, which are characterized by quiet operation, are also available.

Tuning gaming keyboards

Manufacturers equip their models with more and more advanced features. Additional keys allow you to program macros reproducing a series of fixed keys pressed in a given order. Having such a keyboard equipped, we are in a better position during the games.

Additional software allows you to personalize the backlight of the keyboard and map its backlight depending on the application. The effectiveness of this solution can really appeal. Some models offer the function of wireless connection with your computer, which saves space on your desk.


Let’s take the keyboard in our hands, and our fingers will answer the question of what to buy. A larger budget will allow you to buy a better-made model. We will have a wider choice of keyboards, their durability or dedicated software to enhance the capabilities of our keyboard. Among additional accessories we will find models equipped with a pad, which will improve ergonomics and remove hand fatigue.

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