How to stream on PlayStation 5?

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PlayStation 5 is an opportunity for gamers who want to share their struggles with friends and watchers. 

With the console, they will be able to let people follow the gameplay by watching and commenting on the action live. Discover the advantages of the new edition of the device, which will allow you to enjoy playing together and take your capabilities to a whole new level. If you’re wondering how to broadcast gameplay on your PlayStation 5 console, take a look at our article.

How to broadcast gameplay on a PlayStation 5 console?

Want to stream your gameplay live and wondering how to connect a streaming account on your PlayStation 5 console? It’s very simple. You can do it when you start streaming for the first time or from the home screen. To do this, go to “Settings” and choose Users & Accounts > Connect to other services.

Start broadcasting a live game by pressing the “create” button and selecting the option: “Broadcast.” Then select the streaming service and enter all the necessary information. It is also possible to configure broadcasting options, such as including camera video or voice chat audio. Once you’ve gone through these steps, select “Transmit live.” The broadcast tab should appear in the control center.

Broadcast settings – how to configure them?

To do this, go to the home screen and choose Settings > Snapshots and Transmissions > Transmissions. Options that can be changed here include video quality, sound, camera, overlays and even converting chat to speech. Also note that only the game screen and sound will be made available during the broadcast. There is no need to worry about other views from non-game applications being visible to viewers. Another important note is that all broadcasting information and settings will be saved since the last time you used it.

PS5 broadcast card – what can be found on it?

On the broadcast card when broadcasting gameplay from the PlayStation 5 console, each player will be able to find such options and information as:

  • the duration of the broadcast,
  • the number of people watching,
  • broadcast options (e.g., microphone muting, camera options and overlay options, chat display, activity display and position),
  • transmission pause function,
  • broadcast termination function.

Is it possible to view archived broadcasts of other players?

There is also an option to watch archived broadcasts of other players on the PlayStation 5 console. How to do it? Just press the PS button to display the control center. Then select Game Base. After selecting Friends or Search, you can proceed to select the player you are interested in. His profile will be displayed. If you want to access archived broadcasts, select the option: “Shared,” and all your saved content will be displayed.

Stream directly to YouTube and Twitch

PlayStation 5 is a real gem for all multimedia lovers. Although it’s the games that count the most, the new edition of the Japanese console offers users a huge amount of additional functionality. The most important of these is the ability to stream directly to YouTube and Twitch. In addition, console owners can use such applications as Netflix, Disney+, Spotify and Apple TV, among others. The list doesn’t end there, of course. Take a look at all the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 console, which are much more in this edition than before.

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