What is Steam used for?

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The Steam platform is the most popular online game repository among gamers. What does Steam offer and is it the right entertainment tool for a child?

Half-Life and Counter-Strike. How it all began

The Steam platform was founded in 2003 by Valve Corporation, makers of the 1998 FPP shooter classics Half-Life and Counter-Strike.

Steam is a digital game repository used today by over 120 million active users. In the last year alone, it gained 26.31% of new buyers. Every day, 62.6 million account holders use this service, which is a 51.99% increase compared to 47 million in 2018.

Today there are more than fifty thousand titles in the Steam catalog, both paid items, downloadable demos and free games. The plus side of the service is the ability to purchase games at discounted prices. A set alert informs us when we buy the item of our choice for the best price.

User panel – possibilities

To be able to start using the possibilities of the service, you need to register an account and then log in through the web panel or a previously downloaded and installed application. The whole service is supported by an external application Steam or through web panel. We add the downloaded game to our user account and install it on the computer.

The registered account will be visible to other users. Game parameters, friends list, comments and descriptions will be visible only to those who will be granted rights. The account is secured by validating the login with an additional level of security. This is a code sent to the registered e-mail address or confirmation via the mobile app.

Steam allows us to install the game on almost any computer. Installation of the game takes place in the internal directory of the application on our computer. You can also sell previously purchased games on Steam.

The gameplay can be saved in the cloud, it is also possible to stream the game. This is running the title on a computer whose parameters allow to run the game and send the image and sound to a weaker device. With this solution, sitting comfortably on the bed, we can play on a laptop or run the game on a system for which the manufacturer has not provided the production – for example, Linux.

Is Steam the place to play for everyone?

You must be at least 13 years old to use Steam. Take into account that there is a lot of content intended for an older group of users. Violent and erotic games are on the rise. Fortunately, properconfiguration of the account and monitoring of the child’s games will allow to eliminate the related risks.

On the platform’s website you will find a detailed description of how to configure the family mode, which provides tools for controlling content used by the youngest users.

An integral part of the Steam ecosystem are the forum communities and chat rooms where one can communicate via text and voice. The groups created by users bring together people with common interests

Communities do not have to be strictly related to gaming. It should be borne in mind that they include adults. You should therefore pay attention to who and what your child talks to on the forums.

How much does it cost to play on Steam?

Using Steam is free, but many games cost money. The price of some is nominal, while others are completely free. For cash game titles, the price can even be over two hundred gold. Fortunately, the distributor organizes sales, offering the opportunity to take advantage of significant discounts

Before buying, you should be aware that the game you buy will only be able to run via Steam. It is not possible to install the game regardless of the platform

Purchases on Steam are made through your wallet. It can be funded either with funds or via a gift card. This provides insight into spending, especially with games increasingly including micropayments

Although users continue to report problems with the lack of integrated video recording capabilities and also complain about the quality of support, this platform is still very popular among online gaming sites.

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