Courses – an opportunity for growth in the IT industry

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Do you want to become an expert in your field or do you want to get involved in a completely new hobby? Invest in your development and take advantage of the wide range of courses available on the market. In this article we present interesting training courses in the IT industry.


Fundamentals of programming

Online training in the basics of programming can be a good option for people who can’t afford to study computer science, but are thinking of retraining and applying for IT jobs in the future or want to use their knowledge of programming languages to improve their work. An online course can be a great first step, which – complemented by commitment and a willingness to persevere in learning – can lead to future employment as a programmer, e.g. as a Junior Developer. It is worth choosing courses that have good reviews, offer support from a specialist and combine theory with practice. When choosing courses, it is very important to read the detailed program in order to choose the right level of advancement for the student’s knowledge.


Web and application development training

Web design and mobile application development are among the highly sought-after skills on the market today. The practical course will allow you to learn how to build responsive websites and make optimized designs that will adapt to different devices and screens. Thanks to the course, you will also learn how to create animated elements and prepare a website for publication. The skills you gain will allow you to create your own sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and thus increase your chances of becoming a web developer.


Raspberry Pi course

If you want to improve your classifications in electronics and programming, opt for a course that prepares you to work with the Raspberry Pi computer platform. It is one of the most widely used tools of its kind in the digital electronics and robotics community. The basic raspberry pi course will teach you the various ways to install the system on a minicomputer, perform the necessary configurations, and use Linux seamlessly, among other things. After completing the exercises, you will be able to become proficient with the legendary Raspberry Pi computer and use it to create your own projects using the built-in GPIO ports. The Forbot platform offers a free course to which you can purchase a set of all the necessary components and – including the latest version of the Raspberry Pi minicomputer, power supply, memory card or HD camera, among others – to practice using the computer in practice. The course includes information on one of the most popular scripting languages, Python, which will be useful for GPIO control, among other things.


3D modeling and game development 

The rapidly growing market of games and animation makes more and more people interested in computer graphics. It is also popular in areas such as interior design or architectural visualization. If you want to develop in these directions, it is worth enrolling in a course, thanks to which you will learn how to navigate basic modeling programs, learn to create three-dimensional models and textures, and also learn about issues related to the composition of a three-dimensional scene. Professionally conducted training allows you to more quickly learn useful tools and shortcuts useful when designing, and thus save time when mastering new techniques.

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