Gadgets to make playing on your phone easier

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Mobile games are a great way to spend your free time, spice up your travel or waiting time in the waiting room. Over the past few years, games have been popping up on almost every user’s smartphone, and they’re continually growing in popularity. From the iconic Angry Birds or Candy Crush, to games available for both PC, console and mobile versions, phone games have become part of everyday life. See what accessories you can use to make your smartphone gaming experience easier and more fun

Phone case

This is a basic gadget that most smartphone users have. A case matched to the model of the phone makes it easier to hold it in the hand, makes the grip more secure and stable, and makes operating the phone with one hand more pleasant. This makes it easier not only to use your smartphone on a daily basis, but also to play mobile games. It also protects the phone in case it falls when playing dynamic games or games on the move. On the website you can design your own etui with a theme of your choice. This is an extremely tempting offer for gamers, who can have their smartphone case made with, for example, their favorite character from a particular game or graphics related to it. Thanks to the possibility of personalizing the phone case, you can also choose the variant that best suits your needs. For example, with extra screen protection or an anti-shock case that cushions drops better than the average case.

Finger grip

When it comes to mobile games, many of them require one-handed operation of the phone. Modern phones are getting larger, making this task more difficult and increasing the risk of dropping the device. In addition to a casing that improves the grip of the phone in your hand and cushions drops, a special holder, a so-called ring, can also help. Such a ring is glued to the phone case, so that you can put your finger through it during use. Another variant of this gadget are telescopic stands, or holders, which are placed between the fingers of the hand while using the phone. Such a gadget reduces the likelihood of dropping and damaging the phone while playing

Phone controller

Want to turn your smartphone into a portable gaming console? Go ahead! There are gadgets available on the market that make this possible. You can also turn your phone into a console pad or even use it like a computer. For example, you can use USB cables to connect a special miniature mouse and keyboard or an extra module with buttons, just like in the cult portable consoles. Or you can attach components to your phone that turn it into a controller for a traditional console. All of these accessories make it easier to play mobile games at a more advanced level and make the gameplay more comfortable and engaging. The aforementioned phone holder can also act as a stand, which is a useful feature especially when using a smartphone mouse and keyboard

Playing games on the phone is for some a way to kill time, and for others a true passion and hobby. Regardless of which group you are in, smartphone accessories can make gameplay a lot easier and more enjoyable. They also protect your device from drops, damage or destruction, and at the same time they can be personalized and simply aesthetic

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