Mouse with weights – is it worth buying?

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Many gamers have become accustomed to special gaming mice. However, new models are becoming more and more advanced.

The weights mentioned in the title are one of many features that modern gaming mice offer. Among other things, it allows you to add more weight to the device, according to your personal preferences. Besides, adjustable DPI and additional buttons on the top and side of the mouse have already become a standard. On some models you will also find special LCD displays. As it turns out, even how many grams a mouse weighs can have a key impact on gameplay.

What’s the deal with these weights?

Generally speaking, their primary function is to make your mouse more precise and better at gaming. Some gaming mice have a special drawer that slides out the side or opens from the bottom of the device. You can put a few weights in there-weights that weigh a few to a dozen grams each. Thanks to that the mouse can be weighted, so that it provides the greatest comfort for a particular person. You could say it’s like adjusting the height of the steering wheel in your car before you drive. What’s the difference between a well and a poorly weighted mouse?

It is significant, to say the least. First of all, you have to take into account that regardless of the activity you’re doing, you’re moving the mouse almost all the time. If it’s too heavy, your hand, and especially your wrist, may get tired. On the other hand, if it’s too light, combined with too much sensitivity, your mouse may not be accurate at all. Both scenarios mentioned above may prove to be a hindrance not only while playing games, but also during everyday use.

Does the load give an advantage?

To what extent is the difference noticeable? It’s hard to say exactly. After all, the vast majority of computer users use traditional models. But a heavier mouse can help you avoid uncontrollable or overly fiddly movements. It allows you to achieve greater precision, especially in games like FPS. This way, the player has less chance of shooting too far and missing. However, the question remains: how much is the average user able to take advantage of this advantage? However, it is certainly something to consider for those who consider themselves experts in shooters or are planning a career in e-sports. That’s where every millimeter actually counts.

With a cable or wirelessly

In addition to weight, we should also consider whether our mouse should be tethered to the computer with a cable. Here again, there’s no clear answer as to which is better. A lot also depends on personal preferences. Some people still believe that wireless mice are less precise than those on a cable. Fortunately, this is a thing of the past and latency is almost nil. However, this topic was brought up in this text not by accident. The batteries in wireless mice weigh a lot too. Maybe it’s not much, but when we talk about weights, we count every gram. So this is something that definitely needs to be taken into account.


In the end it’s hard to clearly assess the impact of the weights on the precision of mouse movements. Players opinions are also divided in this regard. Subjectively I rate them more as something for experts than for the so-called “Sunday gamer”. It’s also largely a matter of preference, so it’s definitely worth considering how much it will help us before buying a mouse.

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