What are the characteristics of the ideal monitor for a gamer?

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Playing the latest computer games requires not only a powerful computer with adequate computing power, but also the right monitor for the gamer. How to choose a model that will meet all requirements?

Modern computer games are very visually attractive. High-resolution graphics can amaze with its detail, and in many cases it is basically no different from a real movie. What has an impact on the enjoyment of the game, however, is not only a perfect combination of graphics card and processor, but also the monitor. It is the monitor on which the image generated by the computer is displayed, and it determines its resolution, detail, brightness, color clarity and frame rate. What are the characteristics of the ideal monitor for a gamer and how to choose a model that will meet our requirements and expectations?

Screen size and aspect ratio define the joy of playing the latest titles

By far the most important parameter of any monitor is its diagonal size, which should be matched not only to our expectations as to the physical size of the displayed image, but also to the available space on our desk or the distance between our eyes and the screen. Not always the largest screen will be the best choice, especially in small rooms with a lack of free space.

Monitors for gamers should have diagonal in the range of 21 to 29”, which provides the best gaming experience. This size is optimal in terms of both desk space and the screen’s distance from the player’s eyes, so it’s worth convincing yourself to buy a monitor with a diagonal in this range. If you have more space on your desk – you can also opt for a larger model.

The aspect ratio is also important. Currently the most popular are 16:9 – ideal for playing most of the modern game titles and 21:9 – the best, among others, for playing car games, which require a wide field of view. The first number is responsible for the width of the screen and the second for its height.

Resolution and refresh rate – do not forget about these parameters

The screen resolution is more important than you might think. Until recently, FullHD resolution reigned supreme, that is 1920 x 1080 pixels, which provides a relatively detailed image, but only in monitors smaller than 21 inches. Currently, however, manufacturers are moving away from this resolution in favor of much higher ones, such as 1440p or 4K. It is worth remembering, however, that the hardware requirements for games grow along with the resolution, as evidenced by the fact that in 4K resolution the graphics card must process 4 times more pixels than in FullHD. The optimal choice today turns out to be 1440p resolution, i.e. 2560 x 1440 pixels.

You can’t forget about the refresh rate, either. The most popular monitors for office work exchange the displayed image 60 times per second (60 Hz), which is, however, far too low a value for playing demanding games, especially at a professional level. It is worth choosing a monitor with a matrix of at least 75 Hz, and preferably 144 Hz, which will provide a smooth image even during the most dynamic FPS titles.

IPS, VA or TN matrix?

The matrix used is equally important as the size. It determines the quality of the displayed image, its brightness and viewing angles. In modern models we can find mainly IPS, TN and VA matrix. What is interesting, the manufacturers of computer equipment have refined the individual matrices to perfection and distinguishing all variants may be not so much difficult as impossible. Gamers, however, are a very demanding target group and in the case of such computer use the differences may become apparent.

The TN matrix displays beautiful and deep blacks – often indistinguishable from the black displayed by OLED screens, characterized by short matrix response times to input signals (as low as 1 millisecond) and high refresh rates – up to 144 Hz, which ensure the highest level of fluidity in professional gaming. It’s the perfect choice for playing games with a dark atmosphere at night. The VA matrix, on the other hand, provides a slightly longer response time, but good color reproduction and wide viewing angles. And the IPS matrix, currently the most popular among manufacturers of gaming monitors, is characterized by the highest image quality and at the same time response time of 1 millisecond. This is basically always the optimal choice.

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