Wired or Bluetooth headphones – which is better for gaming?

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Which solution should I choose so that I can hear every whisper while playing? What will work better? Proven wired connection or maybe wireless, based on Bluetooth protocol?

No wires, no limits

Wireless headphones, which we can find on the market today, can be divided into two categories. One can establish standard wireless headphones, which connect with our computer using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or based on radio technology. However, they still use a cable to connect the two headphones. If we want to completely dispense with cables, we must aim at truly wireless models so called TW. In this case, we are dealing with two separate headphones that connect to each other wirelessly.

The biggest advantage of wireless headphones is definitely the convenience that comes with using them. We are in no way connected to our device by a long cable, which can get tangled. We can also move away from our computer and music or sound from the game will still be audible. Headphones will also be useful during sport activities, if we decide to leave our gaming station.

And the disadvantages? There are, and it is quite serious. The most important for gamers will probably be the fact that cheaper models of Bluetooth headphones may have a delay in sound transmission, which especially in online gaming may be unacceptable. Wireless headphones are also prone to the fact that they can discharge. We can count on a few hours of battery life

The old tried-and-true way

Wired headphones, which we plug directly into our computer, offer the best sound quality and provide a stable connection without interference. They won’t get discharged during the game either. We can be sure that sound will reach us without any delays, which will be necessary while playing, for example in shooters.

Standard wired headphones are often distinguished by higher power and better quality of generated sound. These differences can be seen especially in the middle price range. Wired proposals will always be cheaper than the wireless ones and will offer better sound quality for the same price. This is worth paying attention to

What to choose?

For gamers the choice is actually one. Wired headphones. In addition to good sound quality, they primarily provide a signal transmission without latency. Even the slightest latency can significantly affect the comfort of our playing. Wireless headphones are recommended for those who plan to use them for sports activities.

Wired headphones will reign supreme on the gaming market as long as there will be no technology which will provide a stable connection without delays. Bluetooth is not doing well so far. Maybe the next generations of this standard will bring an improvement in this matter and you will be able to consider them as suitable headphones for gamers. At this point, only the most expensive models, from the highest shelf allow comfortable gaming without sound delays. It is worth considering whether better comfort during gaming, is worth such an expense

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