What to follow when buying a gaming mouse?

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Every experienced gamer knows very well that for a properly performed task you need the right tool. In the case of computer games, this is usually a mouse. So how to choose the right model?

Why should you bet on a gaming mouse?

In the case of computer games, precision is extremely important, as well as the ability to perform quick maneuvers. That’s why computer game enthusiasts around the world very often find out what a great help the right equipment can be. Not infrequently even painfully, because they are the ones who stand on the other side of the barricade, that is, for example, they are killed, because the opponent surprised them with the speed of his reaction.

Gaming mice are equipped with many useful features, such as the ability to instantly change the DPI to higher or lower. With a properly selected computer mouse, you can properly polish your skills in a particular game, as well as enjoy its functionality. Gaming mice are also usually designed with the idea that they will be used extremely intensively, and are therefore distinguished by their considerable durability.

Criteria to suggest when choosing a mouse

There are numerous elements that you should pay attention to before buying a particular model. Below we list those we have found to be the most important.

What kind of games do we usually play?

It is well known that a game is unequal to a game. Therefore, a different type of mouse will be most suitable for those who prefer quiet, undemanding gameplay, and a different model is suggested to a lover of games where a lot is going on. The former should definitely choose computer mice that do not have too many built-in buttons. The latter, for example, lovers of games from the hack’n’slash sub-genre, on the other hand, should look around among models equipped with as many programmable buttons as possible, thanks to which they will save a lot of valuable time they would spend searching for a particular key on the keyboard.

Adjusting the DPI to your own preferences

In the most general terms, the DPI value corresponds to the speed at which the cursor moves on the monitor. The higher the DPI value, the shorter the path it must travel. The amount of DPI is one of the parameters you will certainly have to deal with when looking for the right mouse. The most commonly available models offer resolutions from 800 to as much as 20000 DPI. It is also worth knowing that in some mice the DPI value can be programmed to specific, fixed levels and adjusted to suit your current needs. Very often this can be done using the manufacturer’s dedicated software, as is the case, for example, with Razer Synapse.

Type of grip

Every player uses the mouse in his own specific way. This is, of course, about the position of your hand and wrist in relation to the mouse. Depending on whether you would describe your grip as a palm grip, fingertip grip or claw grip, it’s a good idea to choose a mouse model with this in mind. Fortunately, the number of these accessories available on the market makes this not an exceptionally difficult task.

Size and weight

Many professional gamers say that an important issue is also the proper selection of the mouse in relation to the dimensions of the hand. On the Internet, you can find sites where you enter such data as the length or width of your hand, so you get information about the mice that are recommended for you.

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