What is positioning? We explain the technical aspects

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How does SEO work? Is SEO white label important? Find out what the processes are behind ranking web search results.

Why should I invest in SEO?

Every entrepreneur wants their website to be at the top of the search results. This is not an easy task, but the effects are certainly worth the time or money spent on cooperation with an SEO agency. However, it is important to collaborate with an experienced and trustful agency which respects SEO white label rules and will be able to reach our client group of interests.

SEO agency Baltimore says – positioning has a direct impact on sales growth and the number of new customers. The aim is primarily to reach people who previously had no contact with the company. As a result, you can improve brand reputation and customer confidence. SEO agency Baltimore has done this lots of time and knows what You need to get in touch with clients in a relatively short period of time. 


Positioning from the ground up – essential information

What is positioning? The exact definitions can vary, but the term most often describes the totality of processes aimed at improving a website’s position in search results. A closely related phrase is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Sometimes we can meet with a distinction of these two processes, according to which SEO concerns only activities on the website, while positioning includes other activities. Most often however these terms are used interchangeably.

Again asking SEO agency Baltimore, they answer – to fully understand the processes of positioning, it is worth first learning how search engines work. Their main goal is to provide users with answers according to their expectations. The preparation of a list of results is based on the operation of so-called crawlers, which are programs that collect information about a huge number of available pages. It also needs a way to determine which of them will be the most suitable for a given phrase. This is what SEO algorithms are responsible for – in the case of Google, it’s a number of different techniques that evaluate different aspects of a site’s content and technical prowess.

What actions support SEO?

A good starting point for working with positioning can be an SEO audit, which allows you to identify the weaknesses of your site and the actions needed. Activities related to positioning themselves are usually divided into two groups: 

  • on-site – preparation of appropriate content on the site, taking into account, among others, the choice of keywords;
  • off-site – tasks concerning processes happening outside the site, such as external linking.

Also important are issues such as preparing a company’s business card and ongoing analysis of competition’s activities and the results of a given page. Effective and fair positioning taking into account SEO white label norms, may translate into a significant increase in the number of customers – so it is worth taking care of this issue.

Effective linking and local positioning

We also talked to SEO New Zealand located agency – Acquiring links from other websites requires first of all preparation of attractive, interesting content. Moreover it is worth taking care of the appearance of links themselves – we should avoid strings of random letters and numbers. Apart from external links, you should also deal with internal links, which lead to other parts of the page.

Local positioning by SEO New Zealand specialists, consists in using phrases referring to a given town or region. This is especially important when you are looking to attract customers from a specific geographic area. For example, positioning for Berlin will include slightly different keywords than positioning for Sydney https://www.icea-group.com/seo-new-zealand/.

Page structure and positioning of keywords

In the context of website positioning, proper selection of key phrases is of great importance. There are two basic types: short tail (short, consisting of several words) and long tail (much longer, usually in the form of whole questions). Although the first variant is associated with a higher number of searches, in the case of the so-called “long tail” we can count on less competition. It is worth noting that the popularity of long tail keywords is growing due to the increased use of voice search – it is a good time to start positioning yourself for this type of phrase. 

Coming to an end, our friends from SEO New Zealand also point out – It is important not only to use key phrases, but the position of them in the structure of the page. Headings are considered more important content than paragraphs. For this reason, it is worth learning the key HTML tags (including H1, H2, H3). Additionally, Google pays attention to the diversity of the site structure, i.e. the use of lists, tables and other such elements.

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  • Kevin Cave 11.08.2022

    It is very important that you bring up technical SEO. Many people are not aware of the huge impact it has on a page’s position in search results. However, technical SEO optimization affects not only the search engine’s algorithm but also the user experience. Page speed, intuitive navigation or effective design make users more likely to visit your website and recommend it to others, and this brings better sales results. Thus, SEO is an effective technique to develop your online business.