The impact of SEO on the e-commerce industry

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Positioning is a multi-step and very difficult process that consists of improving the visibility of a website in Google search results, known in the SEO community as SERP – Search Engine Results Page. It is possible to do it by yourself but You should know how profitable it is to work with experienced agencies like SEO Minneapolis or SEO marketing Atlanta

Any fresh website or a website with a long history, but without proper SEO background, usually lands at the bottom of the results, while the better sites are in the first 10 results on the first page. The effect? A huge increase in interest on the website with little financial outlay. The SEO marketing Atlanta team was preparing its report about positioning with and without SEO, and results aren’t even surprising. Lack of SEO is lack of effectiveness.    

In today’s world, most customers make purchases remotely, and the e-commerce industry is getting better every month and in some branches of commerce and services is overtaking stationary sales. Customer’s shopping method influences the market. As far as they will be more willing to buy online, SEO and e-commerce will be getting stronger. Agencies like SEO Minneapolis, SEO marketing Atlanta are already admitting that classic marketing is over, and we live in the SEO era.    

Talking to SEO Ukraine specialists, we could hear – Easy access to unusual products, the ability to compare prices directly, and the possibility of receiving an item as early as the next day are just a few of the many advantages of e-commerce over standard stationary sales. However, in order to make your business profitable, you need to learn what SEO is and how it affects your website.

However, SEO Minneapolis experts suggest – at the very beginning, it is worth realizing that the process of SEO is extremely difficult, and many mistakes can be made during it. Some of them cause only a slight slowdown in the progress of work, while others may result in the exclusion of the site from Google.


What is SEO and what does it mean for an entrepreneur?

Our friend specialist from SEO Ukraine has shared some interesting titbits about Googlebots – Google crawling robots, roam the entire web continuously to search for any changes to a site. The data obtained by them are later analyzed by an extremely complex algorithm, which, based on this data, defines the suitability of the site for a selected key phrase. The task of positioning GoShop and stores based on other CMS is to obtain the highest possible position in the SERP

The impact of positioning on the e-commerce industry is extremely large and not without reason more and more people decide to carry it out. Among the advantages of this solution it is worth mentioning:

  • a significant increase in interest in the site among Google search users,
  • greater chance of conversion, i.e. making a purchase by an Internet user,
  • increased trust and professionalism in the eyes of potential buyers,
  • easier contacts with contractors,
  • and many, many more.

All of these points can significantly increase your company’s bottom line in your chosen industry, which is why SEO always pays off, regardless of your expectations for a particular company. Many budding entrepreneurs mistakenly assume that SEO can only achieve good results for sites offering popular products with high demand.

However, the opposite is true. The SEO Ukraine agency during positioning takes all necessary steps specifically to ensure that the effect achieved is satisfactory even for niche companies with very unusual assortment or services.

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  • Jane Selmet 21.07.2022

    I can definitely agree that SEO increases interest in the site, as well as networking with other online entrepreneurs. In my case, it has allowed me to build a solid base of support from others who also run sites dedicated to florist. The biggest impact on my business, however, is due to my SEO partner, the iCEA group:, which has allowed the site to appear in Google listings, as I have almost zero knowledge when it comes to online activities. It seemed, seems and will seem too complicated for me, and for this reason such support is invaluable. And as for the price, high rates are multiplied rumors. The price is delightful if we consider the effectiveness of the agency’s activities!