Sit back and play. Ranking of gaming seats

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Gaming seats are already a permanent part of gaming equipment. The right seat has an impact not only on comfort, but also on the user’s reaction speed and health. Here are the best products of this type on the market.

First place in the list: MSI MAG CH120

MSI is a name that does not need to be introduced to any gamer. The company is mainly associated with equipment of incredible power, designed to support the highest level of gaming. It is no different in the case of gaming chairs – products of the Taiwanese company offer sensational parameters that will certainly satisfy every fan of virtual entertainment.

The MSI MAG CH120 gaming armchair was made from the highest quality materials. The upholstery of the product is made of ecological leather, which is extremely resistant to abrasion, as well as other damages, such as tearing. In addition, the material lets enough air through, so that the user’s skin does not overheat and sweat excessively. Underneath the ecological leather is soft and flexible foam that adapts to the shape of the body, and after getting off the chair, it instantly returns to its original form.

The armchair is also very durable; the construction can easily withstand up to 150 kilograms of weight. The well-thought-out layout makes it possible to distribute your body weight over all the elements of the chair. The casing itself is, in turn, made of durable and corrosion- and moisture-resistant metal. The whole is maintained in an attractive color scheme combining black and red which perfectly matches many gaming accessories. Properly contoured armrests, headrest and seat combined with a dynamic design make the MSI MAG CH120 not only provide a great level of comfort, but also complement the decor in the room.

Second item – Huzaro Force 6.0 RGB LED

Another armchair that made it to our list is the Huzaro Force 6.0 RGB LED. This is a product that in a great way combines aesthetic qualities with practical use. A very interesting element of the Huzaro Force 6.0 design is the LED lighting, thanks to which the chair definitely stands out from the competitive proposals, and at the same time perfectly matches the equipment with similar elements.

The LEDs have been placed on the sides of the product – on the edge of the seat and the backrest. This solution gives the chair a unique design, and despite the rather bright light, LED lighting does not pose a problem during gameplay and does not distract the player. The intensity can be adjusted with the remote control included with the chair, as can the color.

We also can’t overlook the technical parameters that make the Huzaro Force 6.0 gaming chair a very good choice for any gamer. In addition to LED lighting, the chair is distinguished by perfectly shaped headrests, armrests, as well as an ergonomic seat. The parameters and dimensions of these parts mean that, regardless of your height, every user will be able to adjust the chair to their needs.

The upholstery of the product is made of eco leather, the body is made of steel, and the product itself can withstand a load of up to 130 kg. Despite the undeniably great aesthetic qualities, it was the weaker parameters regarding durability and maximum load that decided that the Huzaro Force 6.0 RGB LED came in second place in this list.

ASUS ROG Chariot SL300C closes the podium

The ASUS brand, like MSI, is associated primarily with hardware. However, the company also offers numerous accessories, such as gaming armchairs. For some time ASUS has been focusing a lot on products designed for gamers, most of which belong to the ROG – Republic of Gamers series.

The third place in our list belongs to the ASUS ROG Chariot SL300C gaming chair. This is a great solution for people who are looking for an unusual design. The armchair is characterized by the presence of interesting, geometric shapes in its construction – such design is particularly visible in the area of the headrest, as well as the ventilation holes on the backrest. The latter are also upholstered in neon-colored fabric with LED backlighting. In combination with black and red, such a constructed chair provides amazing visual effects.

The ASUS ROG Chariot SL300C gaming chair is made of eco-friendly leather and its construction is based on joints made of aluminum. The maximum load capacity of the chair is 120 kg.

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