Power consumption of the computer – what can be done to lower it?

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In many households computers are the main source of electricity consumption, sometimes even exceeding that of fridges and other home appliances. How to reduce energy consumption of computers? Let’s find out!

Why is it worth saving energy used by computers?

The first reason why we are looking for ways to reduce expenses related to electricity bills is to save money. In recent times we have been faced with rising prices for virtually everything. This is why you should look for different ways to better manage your money and of course reduce your expenses. 

The second reason is ecology. Nowadays there is more and more talk about rational use of electricity and not only. If we want to help our planet, it is worth deciding on movements that reduce the consumption of electricity, water and other sources. 


Methods to reduce electricity consumption by the computer

Many of the ways that will be presented below are actually steps that can be taken very quickly, without prior preparation or purchase of specialized equipment. 

Unplug unnecessary peripherals

Many computer users, especially gamers, tend to plug in a lot of peripherals. These can include printers, speakers, additional monitors, and more. However, a lot of them are not needed on a daily basis and generate considerable power consumption. Before you start your computer, check which peripherals are not necessary and simply disconnect them. Thanks to this you can save even several hundred zloty annually.

Replace old equipment with energy-saving one 

Technology is constantly moving forward. Both computers and monitors that appear on the market today are equipped with energy-saving solutions. However, this cannot be said of older units that are “power hungry”. Although there are certainly not many such people, owners of CRT monitors should replace them with LCD or OLED. Also think about changing your HDD to an SDD, which consumes much less power. By upgrading your equipment you can really reduce the power consumption in your home.

Proper power plan

To reduce your computer’s power consumption, it’s a good idea to implement a smart power plan. This feature can be found in your device settings – in your computer control panel. This is a great option for people, who use their computers all day long and often leave them. You can include in the power plan the time after which the screen or the computer will go to sleep. This option also includes many other options, which can be easily used by both laymen and advanced device users. 

The power consumption of laptops is also worth mentioning. If you want these mobile devices to consume much less power, you should charge them when they are turned off. When the battery reaches 100%, unplug the charger. It is also a good idea to turn on the power saving mode, which you can find in the settings or in a special app. More and more manufacturers focus on energy efficiency of their equipment, creating many interesting solutions. This will not only reduce power consumption, but also increase battery life, which is often the weakest element of this type of equipment. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Seyed Sina Fazeli

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