Playing outdoors – how to prepare for it?

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Particularly in summer, reconciling gaming and going outside regularly is difficult. Due to the seemingly unfavorable conditions, few people play computer games outdoors. However, it turns out that it is possible, but you need to prepare for it properly.


The biggest obstacle to playing outdoors can be the lack of electricity. However, this can be easily remedied in several ways. A lot, first of all, depends on your vacation spot. If it is located close to the house, such as in the garden, on the terrace or balcony, you can bet on a long extension cord. Then you can be sure to stay outside playing computer games for a long time.

However, it may happen that you will be in a place where this contact may be lacking. Laptops can use a lot of energy while playing, so it is essential to have a good, very capacious powerbank. This one, in turn, can only be recharged at home. Decent laptop batteries should have at least 20000 mAh capacity. This is expensive equipment, but without it it is difficult to play outdoors for more than an hour and farther than in the home garden or balcony.

In-ear headphones or a speaker

Another important issue is the sound on the computer. It is best to have headphones. Otherwise, the sound will spread out, making us hear nothing and disturb others. Ideally, they should be in-ear headphones, which attenuate outside sound much better than in-ear headphones. Those who don’t want to use headphones should invest in a good speaker so that they can hear what they are playing well. On balconies and terraces, you can still make sure the acoustics are reasonably good, set up the speakers inside the house, and play right next to them, outside.

Choose a comfortable place – shade, bench, table, blanket, etc.

A proper, healthy position is often needed for playing. That is why it is so important to sit at a desk of the right height and a comfortable, well-chosen chair. Outdoors, it is not always possible to meet these needs. Then a park bench, a table or the ground usually remains. For the sake of your computer and your own knees, it’s also a good idea to carry a laptop stand, preferably one that resembles a small folding table. Then the laptop won’t get hot on a precarious surface and will be in a safe, comfortable place.

An important and most natural issue is shade. No one wants to play in full sunlight. It is not only uncomfortable, but also very unhealthy for the eyes, so you should find a place that provides the right amount of consistent shade.

Full protection

When playing outdoors, it’s a good idea to ensure regular hydration. Weather conditions, such as strong winds, or just plain coincidence, can cause drinking water or juice to flood your equipment. So it’s worth equipping yourself with accessories that will lower the risk of damaging your computer outdoors. You also need to remember to check the weather. If the temperature is too high, it is better not to go outside with the laptop. When playing, the device heats up, and the extra outside temperature can only turn this process up further. In a cooled, shaded and often air-conditioned house this is not a big risk, but outside (even in the shade) with the equipment can already happen something if you are not careful.

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