How much time can you spend in front of a computer without damaging your eyesight?

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Of course, there are times when we like to play on the computer a little longer. However, it is always worth keeping in the back of our minds how long we can sit in front of the computer in order not to expose our eyes and how to take care of their hygiene while working in front of the screen


This acronym may sound rather enigmatic, but it stands for Computer Vision Syndrome. This condition was defined in 1994 and describes a syndrome of eye fatigue caused by prolonged work at a computer

CSV affects 75% of people who spend at least two hours a day at a computer. Prolonged sitting in front of a computer can also lead to problems with lubrication of the conjunctiva and cornea. While we normally blink about 12 times per minute, when we sit at a computer, we do it five times less often

Since the eye has to focus on one point for a longer period of time, it gets more tired. The muscles of the eyeball also become weaker. And we can’t forget about screen radiation. All this leads to CSV syndrome, which causes:

  • weakened vision,
  • eye pain,
  • itchy eyes,
  • dry eye syndrome

What to do to protect your eyesight?

First of all, take a moment to organize your gaming area and change the habits that accompany sitting at the computer.

  1. To maximize the inflow of natural light, position monitors sideways to the window.
  2. Your eyes should not be closer than 40 cm to the screen.
  3. Every 20 minutes you should take breaks of several dozen seconds, during which you should blink intensively. This will moisten the eye

You can also do your eyeballs a short gymnastics and strengthen their muscles. Look for a while in the distance, then at different angles to the sides, and then draw figure-eights with your eyes. It is also worth ensuring that the air in the workplace is not too dry. The best air humidity is about 50%, and air humidifiers can help you achieve this.

Will glasses help?

Regular corrective glasses will not help you. If you want to protect your eyes against electromagnetic radiation and glare from monitors, it is worth to consider glasses with anti-reflective coatings. They will make your eyesight less tired as they improve contrast and visual acuity. They are almost one hundred percent clear, and they eliminate reflections and glare that can occur on the surface of the glass

It is also worth paying attention to the right frames. They should be light, but durable and well-fitting, so you don’t have to adjust them every now and then

Remember to moisturize!

As we have already mentioned, we blink much less while working in front of a computer. This makes our eyes drier, so you need to remember to moisturize them regularly. The best solution are eye drops that you should use several times a day. When choosing drops, make sure they are without preservatives as they can cause allergies or irritation

You may also be interested in cornflower, chamomile or arnica gel. Such a compress soothes irritation, refreshes the eyeball and eliminates the ailment of bloodshot eyes.

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